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How can I help you?

  • Back pain

  • Neck pain

  • Shoulder pain

  • Elbow pain

  • Knee pain

  • Stiff joints

  • Lack of mobility

  • Joint instability

  • Weak functional movements

Dear fellow Bay Area residents,               


I am here to inform you that there is a new and extremely effective way to address common and even uncommon pain in the body. Welcome to the world of fascia.

Although extremely misunderstood - even in the medical world, your fascia is the complex puzzle that once addressed, yields results like you would never imagine.

What does this mean to you?

If your previous attempts at relieving your pain were unsuccessful, it is likely you were looking at the wrong pieces to the puzzle or maybe not even the right puzzle to begin with.

I truly care about assisting people in relieving pain, which is why I guarantee results. If you do not experience any relief in your pain, you do not pay! I look forward to hearing from you and assisting you in relieving your pain.

- Jason Frederick CPT, FDM,PICP Coach, Fascia Pain Specialist                

Fascia Pain Relief Testimonials

Shoulder Pain?

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-Small Group Training
-Sports Specific Periodization
-Power/Intensification Training
-Hypertrophy/Accumulation Training
-Injury Management
-Diet Plans
-Life Coaching Plans
-Virtual Training Plans

...all customized to your exact needs.


More Testimonials


Jason has been my personal trainer since 2007. Over that time, Jason has repeatedly demonstrated impeccable ethics and integrity, and an impressive depth of knowledge about human physiology. He not only knows what to do to achieve one's body building goals and how to prevent injuries in the process but also knows stretches and specific exercises that help with past injuries. Despite his kind, easygoing nature, he has an ability to motivate me to reach for my limits for maximum results, and always manages to make my workouts with him an enjoyable experience. Jason is creative and entrepreneurial at heart and with his strong sense of ethics I give him my highest personal recommendation as a solid, genuine, and extremely trustworthy associate in any any type of working relationship.

-Scott Coors



I have been both a professional and a recreational athlete my entire life and I have seen and done just about every type of training program and workout you can imagine. Never before, however, have I been able to achieve the results I have obtained since working with Jason. He was able to design a workout around a major injury I was plagued with and I was able to not only maintain my strength, while being severely limited, but actually increase it as well while keeping my weight in my target range. He is extremely knowledgable and great to work with; I highly recommend anyone from the sedentary couch potatoes looking to make a positive change to professional athletes looking to get their fitness to the next level to start working with Jason today!   

-JJ Pugsley

(former professional MMA fighter and world level Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt competitor) 



I lost 30lbs in just over 2 months!!! The amount of success I’ve had working with Jason is beyond compare and every time I look in the mirror, or fit into clothes I haven’t been able to fit in four years, I thank myself for making the RIGHT decision on making Jason and his knowledge a part of my life.


-Wes McCoy


I've gained 35 pounds of muscle and dropped body fat since I started training with Jason. He is very conscientious about developing workout plans to get you to your desired goal. Whether it be weight loss, bulking up or getting lean, he will show you exactly how to achieve your goals. Jason is also quite adept at working with many types of injuries.  This allowed me to continue moving forward with our training after I tore my hamstring in a softball tournament. I have been working out with Jason for 7 years now and plan to continue my training with him for years to come!

-David Hurt, MD



I am an aspiring bodybuilder and a former RECON Marine.  I have an overwhelming sense of drive and passion for training. When I met Jason in 2009, I was amazed with his knowledge and dedication and his ability to take my drive to the next level. He was able to help me recover from a shoulder and lower back injury while still training and gaining strength. Moving away in 2011 forced me to seek other professional help from coaches. After having three different coaches having me "chasing the pump" and not motivating me to preform at my best - which led to losing size gains and strength, I asked Jason to be my coach again from afar. His programs and life management has gotten me back on track and even further along with my training goals than when I had a coach present with me in the gym everyday collecting their paycheck. I continue to use Jason to this day. I highly recommend him for his knowledge and skills to take you to the next level.   

-Jeremiah Sipes



While training with Jason in his Powerhouse Group, I gained over 20lbs of muscle and dropped body fat in just over 3 months. I also learned various training effects and how to train your nervous system. I would recommend Jason to anyone who is sick of being stuck at a plateau in the weight room and is ready to take their training to the next level.


-Dave Beach


I was referred to Jason by a good friend of mine about 2 years ago. I had been wanting to get back in shape for years but had always been held back by a shoulder injury had acquired as a collegiate swimmer as well as my rheumatoid arthritis flair-ups.  Not only did Jason's training program eliminate my shoulder pain completely, but it also allowed me to regain full range of motion in my shoulder allowing me to get back in the pool again! As far as my RA, Jason was able to assess my muscle imbalances and relieve access tension, making flair-ups much less painful in some areas. I am in the best shape I have been in in years and I would recommend Jason to anyone who seeks a true fitness professional.        

-Janet Elway



My daily schedule and lifestyle are not always conducive to staying in shape, and on top of that I use to do everything possible to avoid the weight room. Jason has done a phenomenal job these past 4 years at working with me on my specific goals and creating plans that I could slowly incorporate into my day-to-day activities and feel excited about. He is always very encouraging and provides the extra mental push to get me to the next level. I recommend Jason all the time to my friends and family who see how much fun I’m having. Thank you Jason for everything you do; and of course, for putting up with me!

-Laura Leathers



For about a year and a half prior to working with Jason shoulder pain was a big part of my life.  Seemingly simple tasks like putting on my seatbelt, or jogging caused serious pain in my shoulders,neck and back.  After paying thousands of dollars and being sent away from two different physical therapy offices for being “un-fixable,” I was referred to Jason.  I am happy to say that only 6 weeks after I began working with Jason I was able to follow a regular fitness regimen without any pain or discomfort and since I have increased my strength, endurance, and far surpassed all of my previous fitness goals.

-Patrick Powell

Jason's Workouts: Combining Intensification and Accumulation for HUGE size and strength gains


Jason is an amazing trainer. He took the time to really understand the type of person I was and to optimize the type of training that was best for me. He would constantly check in with me and make sure that my fitness goals are what I’m working towards. Jason also sat down with me and made a diet plan that went with my body type and fitness goals. Jason is a great trainer and I would recommend him to anyone that is serious about their image and health.

-Peter Farhangi


Like many mothers, after committing my life to raising my daughter, I found myself longing to get back to “me”. In 2009, I decided to do so by returning to my love for pageantry; I entered the Mrs. Colorado International Pageant. With Jason’s help, I was able to bring home a “Best in Fitness” trophy, something I wasn’t able to accomplish even in my former days as a teen and collegiate competitor! I would not only recommend Jason to any pageant contestant looking to up her game, but to any mother who just wants to feel like a queen!

-Jennifer Shults Nackerud


Jason has the ability to make sure that every person’s health goals are understood and reached. He also has a great ability to make sure that people are very well taken care of. Working with Jason was a delight. He made sure to ask the right questions, researched what I told him, so he understood what I wanted and what I was going through, and he made working out a great experience. It is one thing to come up with custom workouts for each person but to go above and beyond and make sure the location and the difficulty of the workouts were of high importance really makes the difference. I can not be out in the sun for long, so Jason made a night time workout that was outside in the fresh air. He did the workout with me and made it enjoyable. The difference between him and other personal trainers is that he really is personable. He loves to listen, learn, and implement whenever possible. It is nice to have the comfort of talking to someone you can trust and get great results from your workout at the same time. 

-Andrea Ordaz


As an airline pilot, my schedule constantly has me on the road, which makes it very hard to maintain any sort of regular workout routine. I found myself rushing workouts where and when I could fit them in. Unfortunately my rushed workouts and poor form lead to a shoulder injury a few years ago. Frustrated and thinking I might be done with working out; I sought out the help of Jason Frederick. Jason researched my injury and developed a comprehensive recovery program that included workouts I could perform on my own while on the road.  Thanks to Jason, today I am lifting more weight, pain free, then I ever have before.
What set’s Jason apart from the mainstream trainers is his ability to develop and provide training, specific to the needs of their clients. I would highly recommend Jason to anyone looking to improve their overall fitness.

-Luke Paparella


Being a nurse and working nights creates a challenge when it comes to staying in shape. After getting a referral from a fellow nurse, I began working out with Jason. He helped me to set reasonable goals and developed a comprehensive workout and diet plan. Jason helped me to achieve my fitness and weight loss goals in an expeditious manner! I have since surpassed my initial goals and Jason has helped me to set new goals. Even when I was hitting a ‘plateau’ he suggested modifications to the workout/diet plan to help me get to the next level. Jason has been extremely supportive and great to work with!

-Kim Hartman


When I started working with Jason, I had never entered a gym and worked out in my life. I was a big guy and had several problems with my body. Jason was very patient and willing to help out. He encourages you to push yourself with out being a drill sargeant. He has your best interest at heart and wants to see you succeed. He helps you set a plan and wants to make sure you are on the plan with regular check ups to see how you are doing. I love working out with Jason and am very grateful to him for helping me reach my goals and pushing me with that gentle hand. I am very lucky to have found Jason and work with him. I think he is awesome and reccomend him to friends all the time.

-Dan Kotrch

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